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About Hunter Learning Solutions

Hunter Learning Solutions serves children and adults with a broad range of learning challenges:

  • Children who struggle with learning, but are not far enough behind to receive services in school. For most, those would be the kids who are 'ok', but are falling through the cracks in our education system.
  • Children on the autism spectrum.
  • Children who have been diagnosed with any number of other labels including ADHD, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Dyslexia, Sensori-Motor deficiencies.
  • Adults who have had strokes or brain injuries.
  • Adults who are just looking to keep their skills sharp as they age.

How We Differ

Traditional tutors and school remedial programs focus primarily on academic skills - knowledge. Our center focuses on identifying and fixing learning skills - processing. So instead of teaching math, reading, and writing, we train the neural abilities needed for students to learn math, reading and writing. For example, to aid in the act of reading, we make sure the eyes are not only seeing the print, but that the brain is processing it in the correct way.

Our Programs

Hunter Learning Solutions works with a network of cognitive learning programs across the country. Depending upon your or your child's unique processing challenges, we will construct a learning program involving one or more of tools. We are the only learning center in upstate New York to offer children and adults cognitive enhancements programs such as Samonas Sound Therapy™, PACE™ (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement), Core Learning™, AST (Auditory Stimulation Training), Learning Ears™, Brainware Safari™, Listen, Move & Learn™. We also offer a program for preschoolers, called Early Learners Program™, which focuses on identifying and strengthening those skills that preschoolers need to succeed in school.

About Pamela Grandin

Pamela Grandin, Director, Hunter Learning Solutions LLC

Hunter Learning Solutions is owned and operated by Pamela Grandin, a long-time resident of Ballston Spa and a specialist in cognitive evaluation and enhancement. Pam has been involved with learning issues since 2001, when she taught at the Hunter School, helping developmentally delayed children with writing and with training higher level cognitive skills such as working memory, logic and reasoning, and processing speed. She founded Hunter Learning Solutions to help families in the Capital Region eliminate learning struggles.

For more information or to discuss your unique concerns, contact Pamela directly at 518-441-4236 or by email.

How to Reach Us

Hunter Learning Solutions LLC
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Hunter Learning Solutions Opening Children's Minds for Easier Learning