Hunter Learning Solutions Opening Children's Minds for Easier Learning


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The Assessment Process to Help Struggling Students

Our comprehensive assessment is designed to provide valuable learning information about your child that will allow us to design a custom plan of action to help your child become an independent, comfortable learner.

The process begins with a free phone consultation to determine if our service will fit your child's needs. You will learn more about the major causes of learning differences and what can be done to correct any deficiencies to help your child succeed.

Next, a screening is scheduled and you are sent an information packet with a questionnaire about your child to fill out and return prior to the assessment.

On the day of the assessment your child will do a variety of activities that will explore their abilities and potential in a range of learning skills such as: working memory, logic & reasoning, decoding, and auditory & visual processing.

Following the assessment, we will schedule a consultation with you to provide a full written report of your child's results. We will also present a comprehensive plan to strengthen the underlying learning skills that your child needs to be successful.

Hunter Learning Solutions is the only learning center in the Capital District that offers this comprehensive assessment.

Hunter Learning Solutions Opening Children's Minds for Easier Learning