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Opening Children's Minds for Easier Learning

If only learning came easier…

The mother of a high school sophomore came to me recently. Her daughter struggles with math, science, and language. She thought she had helped her with this when her daughter was in elementary school when she had an assessment done and had her daughter treated for visual processing issues.

Emily (not her real name) is a hard worker. She diligently prepares for class, but when the teacher calls on her she has trouble remembering what she studied so hard to learn. Exams are especially painful – she studies and studies, but is never sure if she’s ready.  During the test, she speeds through and thinks she’s done ok, only to find out later that she made little mistakes that cost her dearly. Or she blocks on a problem and experiences an inner meltdown.

Emily is articulate and bright. She wants to learn, but she sometimes hates school. She envies other students at her private school who seem to get A’s effortlessly.

“If only learning came easier,” her Mom said to me. “She is so smart, but she doesn’t feel like she is.”

Do you know someone like Emily? I frequently conduct assessments for people like her. What an assessment often reveals is an individual with very high learning skills and abilities in one or more areas, but who is very challenged in another area, such as  processing speed, logic & reasoning, or some other cognitive ability.

Fortunately, those gaps can be closed with a personalized learning skills program. Emily is currently using the Samonas Sound Therapy program at home. This summer she will complete a 12-week PACE learning program. She and her Mom are both pleased that there is a path to easier learning. We’ll revisit her story next year to hear the results from Emily herself.

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