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Teaching Tip #3
Move & Learn

If you had a brain but no body, could you still teach and learn? It's a funny visualization, but our bodies are the necessary link that we often overlook. We learn many academic things through experience, but there is more that we may not usually think about. For example, when we were infants, the only way we learned and developed was by moving. Many of those early movements aided in the growth of our intellect. Some of us may not have experienced certain activities, which may have caused us to have developed stronger in some areas than others. For example, if you did not toss a ball around as a child, you may not have developed good hand-eye coordination. Or if you did not crawl long enough, you may have visual problems.

A very important experience that children need is developing the ability to “cross the midline”. When anyone, child or adult, spends time crossing from one side of their body to the other, both sides of the brain become integrated and more of the brain is accessible. In school, writing is an activity in which using both sides of the brain is crucial. A person needs to use the left brain for language, while the right brain is used for creativity.

So, teach your students the following activity before a difficult mental task, and watch their abilities increase!

While sitting, slowly touch the left knee with the right hand. Then put the right hand back on its own side. Next, slowly touch the right knee with the left hand, then put the hand back. This should take about 4 seconds. Do 10 to 20 repetitions. Don’t rush! Do you have a child who really cannot do this? Contact your school occupational therapist. Once the child can do this, and practices daily, you will see improvements by leaps and bounds.

Don’t take my word for it, try it!



Hunter Learning Solutions Opening Children's minds for easier learning